Jobs at Family Tree In A Week

At Family Tree In A Week, our goal is to share our passion for genealogy by making it easy for everyone to start learning about their family history. A second goal is to create employment opportunities for smart and skilled researchers who need flexibility in their work life.

The market we aim to serve are people with an interest in genealogy and family history but who (1) don’t have time or interest in doing it themselves and/or (2) find the technology and detailed work of using sites like confusing or overwhelming and (3) aren’t prepared to pay thousands of dollars to another research firm to do a comprehensive search.

Our signature product is the Personal Family History Report, which is the fruit of 8-10 hours of online research into a customer’s family history using any of a variety of services we maintain subscriptions to. Customers find the reports fascinating. They spark the imagination, remind them of tales of people they had forgotten, and inspire them to carry out further research on their own, with us, or through another firm.

Business Manager and Research Supervisor

Family Tree In A Week is seeking a business manager and research supervisor to manage all aspects of the business including the following:

  1. Receiving orders from customers, communicating with customers
  2. Carrying out research or otherwise ensuring research is completed to standards within one week
  3. Packaging and delivering final product to customers to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and confidence
  4. Promoting and marketing the business through strategic social media, online discussion forums, and blog articles
  5. Developing additional products such as surname meaning and history report, and Ancestry family tree clean-up service
  6. Recruiting, training, and supervising qualified genealogical researchers as needed

Qualifications Include:

  1. Interest in genealogy and experienced in online genealogical research
  2. Agreement with the Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Genealogists
  3. Desire to learn more about genealogy and to increase professional competence through self study, professional webinars, and similar
  4. Helpful, service-oriented, professional, courteous attitude
  5. Professional communications skills (oral and written)
  6. Solid Windows PC skills (we use several genealogy programs that run on Windows, and Adobe Acrobat)
  7. Ownership of reliable PC computer with high-speed internet connection
  8. Aptitude for social media marketing, blog topic brainstorming and article writing
  9. Work history that shows consistent reliability, dependability, and ability to manage time and resources to meet deadlines
  10. Eligible for employment in the United States and resident in the United States (our privacy policy and the terms of use and privacy policies of other services we use require our employees to be residents of the United States)

Working Conditions:

  1. Completely flexible hours – set your own schedule as long as customer promises to deliver products within one week is met
  2. Work from your own home – no commute


  1. Initial compensation will be in the form of revenue sharing. Initially, you will keep 80% of every customer order. As you grow the business, there is the possibility of becoming an equity partner or receiving a salary and benefits. For specialized research after a Personal Family History Report, you will receive 80% of our billing rate (typically our rate is $65 an hour)
  2. If revenue-sharing-only is not acceptable, we can offer a minimal guaranteed salary equivalent to $10 per hour that will offset revenue share
  3. Other benefits: membership in Association of Professional Genealogists; full access to many premium online genealogy services; licenses for genealogy software will be provided

To Apply: e-mail your resume and cover letter to