If you want to continue discovering more about your ancestors, you can take the results we give you and continue your research yourself at the sites below or with a full-service genealogy research provider.

Specialized Research Services

Full-service professional genealogy services such as these usually cost well over $1,000 just to get going, take many weeks to deliver results, and require a lot of interaction with you to shape research goals and get preliminary information. On the other hand, they can give you comprehensive results with strong supporting documentation. They’re especially helpful with branches of your family tree that are hard to trace. Depending on their hourly rate, what you learn about your family’s past from Family Tree In A Week can save you a lot of money compared to hiring a full-service firm from the beginning.

If you have a very specific and well-defined research goal or problem, or if your family immigrated to the United States after about 1920, you will probably be better served by a specialist at one of the services below.

With those benefits in mind, they usually cost well over $1,000 just to get going, take weeks or months to deliver final results, and require a lot of interaction with you to shape research goals and get preliminary information.


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New England Historic Genealogical Society

Note: Don’t be misled by the phrase “New England” in their name – the society was formed in New England but the NEHGS provides expert consultation and genealogical research for every U.S. state and countries worldwide.

Ancestry ProGenealogists

Lineages Professional Genealogy Services

Melick Professional Genealogists

Heirlines Family History and Genealogy

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Join a Hereditary Society

Well-documented genealogical research is a necessary first step to joining a hereditary society such as the ones below (and there are more). More than the prestige and honor you personally gain from membership in a hereditary society, your affiliation helps to preserve and pass down the history and heritage of your family and nation to future generations, as well as to help them reflect thoughtfully on that heritage in light of contemporary circumstances.

National Society, Sons of the American Revolution (S.A.R.)

Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)

National Society, Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.)

General Society, Sons of the Revolution (G.S.S.R.)

Society of the Cincinnati

Order of the Founders and Patriots of America

Many of the free sites are badly maintained or have message boards with discussion about certain family lines, but the chances that you’ll find anything useful about your particular family tree are slim. … Ancestry.com’s ProGenealogist service starts at $2,300, and then they go on to list a multitude of factors that can increase your cost. Many genealogists won’t work with you if you won’t commit to spending at least $1,000 in fees. Family Tree In A Week is different.

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