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You’ll receive a personal family history report, based on our original research into your ancestry, full of charts, statistics, and images. Share the report with others in your family or publish it as a book to give as an heirloom gift.

1Discover your unique personal heritage.

2Pay one time. No subscriptions to cancel.

3All original research by American genealogists.

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What you will find in your personal family history report

Paternal and Maternal Ancestry

Our report shows your paternal and maternal ancestry - your direct ancestors on your father's and mother's sides (parents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, and so on)


Family trees of each member of your extended family based on what we uncover in our research


Here is an anniversary index showing important events in your family's history by month and day


A colorful fan chart shows your family tree and areas for further research at a glance

Photos of Your Ancestors (ADD-ON)

If you order the images add-on, we will include photographs or images of source documents we uncover during our research - such as this picture from a passport application we found for one of our customers.


A narrative of the life events we discovered about each of your ancestors


If you order the images add-on, we will include digital images of source documents we find during our research: U.S. and state census pages, passport applications, ship passenger lists, draft cards, certificates of birth, marriage, and death - whatever we can locate about your ancestors


If you order the boys' and girls' names add-on, we will include a report of the names given to boys and girls in your family throughout the generations.

GOOD WORK!! This is SUPER Awesome! NO chance we could have gotten more information. YOU GUYS DID AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Give someone the gift of a personal family history … or publish your own

What You Get

  • A personal family history report based on original research into your genealogy
  • Average length 80 to 120 pages
  • Charts, lists, statistics, images, and indexes
  • A file with all our findings in a special genealogical data format (GEDCOM) you can use to continue our research

What were your ancestors’ occupations?
How long did they live?
What countries did they come from?


  • Read it, print it, share it with family
  • Publish it as an attractive clothbound hardback book at Lulu or Blurb for yourself or as a gift
  • Follow our four suggestions about how to extend your genealogy research on your own or with further professional help

We do original research into your personal family history and report back to you everything we find about the lives and times of your actual ancestors.

How Family Tree In A Week is different

There are lots of genealogy sites on the web today. You’ve probably seen these before:

  1. Pay sites that let you do-it-yourself for a subscription month after month
  2. Researchers who interview all your relatives for hours and cost hundreds in fees plus expenses
  3. Sellers of novelty books of generic family history with no connection to your actual ancestors
  4. Stale or confusing online message boards that often have nothing to do with your ancestors

We think we’re the world’s easiest way to discover your family tree because you don’t have to struggle with comparing services, costs, free trials, collection sizes, and so on.

With us, there’s no monthly or yearly payment. No free trial you have to remember to cancel before you get charged. No e-mail newsletter to clog your inbox.

  • No subscriptions or ongoing costs – pay a one-time fee and that’s all
  • No lengthy interviews – just e-mail or call us with the basic information we need to get started
  • Not generic – we do original research into your personal genealogy

You could spend hours comparing prices and features of 8-10 pay sites or the same amount of time scrolling through stale or confusing message threads on free forums.

Or, you could let us start your genealogy research for you using the best technology and the best resources available online today.

Place your order today and in a week you’ll have the fascinating history of your family. If you’re not happy, we’ll unconditionally give you back 100% of your purchase price.

What do you have to lose?

If you start now, imagine what you’ll be finding out this time next week!